Portable Graphical Widgets

January 20, 2007

Recently, I was advocating using Lisp at work for some utility apps when a co-worker claimed that we should use Java because we needed true cross-platform capabilities. We went back and forth on this for several minutes and I could tell he thought he had me when he brought up that they would need to have GUI’s. We have to have the ability to run our apps on Windows as well as Linux. So, enter wxcl. I think I may be on the way to converting another Java guy…..


8 Responses to “Portable Graphical Widgets”

  1. Andras Simon Says:

    There’s also clg (http://sourceforge.net/projects/clg) in case GTK counts as being cross-platform. It runs on sbcl/cmucl/clisp, is actively maintained and seems quite mature.

  2. Eric Says:

    Don’t forget ltk either!

  3. Jason Dunsmore Says:

    ltk is the most stable cross-platform graphics toolkit for common lisp.

  4. Bryan Green Says:

    Well, one other requirement for me is that the GUI have a native look and feel for the platform. As far as I know that narrows it down to a wx based solution. Also, the underlying library is over 10 years old and still being developed and maintained. I also had experience with it from other languages (python, haskell, c++).

  5. albert Says:

    Is wxcl actively maintained? I don’t think so…

  6. Bryan Says:

    wxcl has not had an update in about a year. But, wxWidgets– the underlying library– is what I was referring to as having been around (actively) for 10 years. Also, since wxcl uses cffi I would feel comfortable updating it myself. We are going to be using it where I work so I am thinking about doing a major push to release whatever we add or enhance. Sort of like the developers of Chandler are doing with wxPython and wxWidgets.

  7. albert Says:

    That’d be great. But for now, I’m sticking to Ltk…

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